Energizing your new home or business begins here! BENCO is excited to support your new project, whether building a new home or commercial business or upgrading your existing service. To properly prepare for the project ahead, please review the checklist below and complete the following application.

  1. Submit application and a copy of affidavit.+

  2. Review and process application and contact BENCO member to discuss project.*

  3. Conduct a site meeting (for rural or commercial projects only).+*

  4. Design the new construction project.*

  5. Obtain permits, if necessary.+*

  6. Invoice BENCO member, if necessary.*

  7. Submit payment.+

  8. Schedule project.*

  9. Maintain that site is ready, through construction.+

  10. Begin construction. Meter is set and project is complete.*

+ Member Responsibility * BENCO Responsibility +* Shared Responsibility


Date of Request *
Date of Request
Temporary Service *
Is temporary service ready for meter setting?
Payment will be required before permanent installation.
Service Address *
Service Address
*For rural properties only. *Requires Site Meeting.
Location *
Responsible Party for Energy Bill *
Responsible Party for Energy Bill
*Party will be invoiced after the meter is set.
Phone *
Mailing Address *
Mailing Address
Phone Number of person submitting request:
Phone Number of person submitting request:

After submitting the New Construction application, please email the corresponding affidavit to

Once your new construction service is ready for permanent installation, please email or call 507-387-7963.