The Wellspring renewable wind energy program is a voluntary program that offers wind- or solar-generated electricity to BENCO members. Electricity provided by wind and solar generation is a coordinated effort between Great River Energy and its 28 distribution cooperatives.

Because BENCO is one of 28 distribution cooperatives, members can elect to purchase electricity from the Wellspring program. Members can select the wind option in 100 kWh blocks and $0.40 / 100 kWh will be added to your bill. Members can also select the solar option in 100 kWh blocks and $2.00 / 100 kWh will be added to the monthly bill.

Wellspring Program

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During the 2017 Legislative Session, the Minnesota Legislature passed, and the Governor signed a provision that reduces duplicative regulation on your electric cooperative. This legislation allows for cooperatives to adopt the authority currently held by the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (PUC) implementing Minnesota Statute 216B.164 and resolving disputes (with the requirement for independent third-party mediation).

Minnesota Statute 216B.164 lays out the requirements for distributed generation and this section of statute is now in line with the rest of the Minnesota Statute as it applies to regulation of member-owned cooperatives.