The Wellspring renewable wind energy program is a voluntary program that offers wind- or solar-generated electricity to BENCO members. Electricity provided by wind and solar generation is a coordinated effort between Great River Energy and its 28 distribution cooperatives.

Because BENCO is one of 28 distribution cooperatives, members can elect to purchase electricity from the Wellspring program. Members can select the wind option in 100 kWh blocks and $0.20 / 100 kWh will be added to your bill. Members can also select the solar option in 100 kWh blocks and $2.00 / 100 kWh will be added to the monthly bill.

Wellspring Program

To register for the Wellspring Wind and Solar program, please complete the following form:

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BENCO Electric Cooperative members who are interested in installing and owning their own Distributed Energy Resource (DER) system must access BENCO’s NOVA Power Portal for all DER materials, including applications, policies and supporting documents.

Please note that all DER applications must be submitted online and approved before construction can begin.

View this video to learn how Great River Energy plans to achieve its commitment to reaching 50 percent renewables by 2030.