Trees beautify our neighborhoods and when planted in the correct spot, can help lower energy bills. But the wrong tree in the wrong place can be a hazard, especially to power lines.

BENCO Electric Cooperative offers free tree trimming services if safety or service reliability is threatened. If you have trees on your property becoming a threat to the power lines, please complete the following form.

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Tree Planting Guidelines

Before you plant, consider location. Trees that grow into power lines can create a safety hazard for children climbing them, individuals trimming them or crews working on electrical lines. More than half of all power outages are caused by trees or limbs touching or falling on power lines.

When selecting a tree to plant, consider its size at maturity. BENCO recommends planting trees at least 40 feet from power lines. Always remember to call 811 before you begin digging. By calling 811, any underground utility lines can be located and marked.