Understanding Your Electric Bill

Use the key below to learn the meaning of each section included on your electric bill.

Electric Bill Side One.png

1. Statement Date

The date your bill is prepared.

2. Account Number

A numeric member account identifier. When you contact us, use this number for the fastest service.

3. Service Summary

Shows beginning balance, payments, adjustments, current charges and account balance.

4. Member Services Information

Learn our location, office hours and how to contact our Member Services department.

5. Mailing Address

The name and address of the party responsible for the account. The mailing address may be different than the actual service address.

6. Meter Information

The meter number, service address rate description, reading dates, kilowatt-hour usage and respective charges are shown here.

7. Service Map Location and Address

The map location of the property and physical service address of the property.

8. Electric Usage

A monthly usage graph with up to 24 months of history for each service.

9. Current Service Detail

The detail of charges for this location; also shows total current charge amount.

10. Message Center

Message center to relay important information from BENCO.

11. Online Accessibility

Information can be accessed, and payments can be made online.

12. Amount Due

The total amount due for all services; you must pay this balance by the due date to avoid late charges.